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1. This journal is for fandom squees and fanfiction entries. The fic is mostly concerning slash (male-male relationships), and mostly quite explicit (US NC-17 or Aus R or UK 18). If that's a problem for you, no worries - just click the back button. If you want to explore further, there's a fiction index here and most fics are also in my memories page.

2. Most of my fics have also been posted to AO3 - there are a few that weren't worth the trouble.

3. Copyright protection is afforded to all my entries under the Australian Copyright Act but that does not override the original copyrights belonging to Tolkien, New Line, ABC, CBS, Disney or any other. No harm intended, no profit sought, no hard feelings please.

4. Having benefited from other writers' generosity in allowing me to play with their stories, I grant the same freedom to anyone who wishes to use my works for further transformation (including translation and podficcing), provided that the subsequent work is made freely available, the appropriate credit is given, and you let me know when and where it is posted.

5. By all means friend me if you wish, but please don't be offended if I don't friend you back - I get agitated when I have to scroll back more than once on my friends page. I don't f-lock anything, (at least, not so far!) so you won't be missing out. Similarly, feel free to unfriend at any time.

6. I'm also Alassenya on other sites, including Dreamwidth (my primary site), Journalfen (for lurking in fandom_wank, of course), and Tumblr (for lurking in general). I even have a MySpace page (just for Beecake). In addition I have set up a profile page at Fanlore that will always have my latest location info.

7. "My guests" is disabled. Lurk away to your heart's content.


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